We took ownership of Watchet Marina just under two months ago and are delighted with the progress we have made so far in returning this beautiful marina to its former glory.


Photo credit: Liz Elmont Photography

Our most manoeuvrable water injection dredger, CMS Innovation, has been dredging twice a day with each tide for the last two weeks, showing significant results already. This work, combined with the fact that we now have the automatic harbour gate functioning again, makes for an exciting summer ahead for Watchet Marina.

Due to the success of the dredging campaign and the re-instatement of the automatic harbour gate, we will soon be able to offer guaranteed watered berths at all states of the tide.

Exp CMS Innovation dredging P1160749

The team have also been busy sprucing up other areas of the marina. Pontoons have been pressure washed, the old Harbour Masters office has been refurbished into a modern marina office with a conference area and the disabled shower and toilet have been refurbished. The marina really will be in ship-shape condition to welcome new and visiting berth holders this summer.

Don’t forget, to celebrate our work at Watchet Marina, we are offering 9-month contracts at an annual pro rata rate for anyone wishing to join us as an annual berth holder at Watchet Marina.

Watchet harbour Somerset

Berthing enquiries for this marina with its enviable access to prime locations in the Bristol Channel are coming in thick and fast so get in touch soon if you want to discuss booking a berth with us.