The Marine Group, has recently increased their marine service offering with the purchase of a Water Injection Dredger.  The vessel is particularly versatile and is capable of dredging in areas out of reach of many larger dredgers. This equipment allows the company’s team of highly qualified marine engineers to provide a cost-effective, environmentally sound dredging method.

The company offers a competitive rate for maintenance dredging of ports, harbours, marinas and navigation channels across the UK. The investment in the capital equipment also allows the company to provide a full in-house capability to dredge their own marina in Aberystwyth. As the owner and operator of two marinas, the company has firsthand experience and an in-depth understanding of the requirements of dredging operations. Therefore, in addition to the Water Injection Dredging services, The Marine Group can also offer advice and support in obtaining the necessary licences.

The purchase of the dredger is part of the company’s ongoing programme of investment, which has recently seen the company expand the size of their boatyard and invest in a Sealift for lifting boats up to 50 tonnes.

Director of Operations, Rob Freemantle, commented ‘The Water Injection Dredger is a fantastic addition to our marine services portfolio and greatly benefits our own marina in Aberystwyth. In addition, we can extend our dredging services to other basins and harbours across the UK that require maintenance dredging at a cost-effective rate.’


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