Gate Upgrade

A software upgrade is being carried out following a malfunction on the marina gate which, when completed, will allow for water to be retained in the marina again and the sluicing regime to re-commence. The work is set to be complete by the end of December this year.

The gate has remained in the ‘down’ position recently meaning no water has been retained in the marina at low tide.


Dredging Update

Seaka will be re-commencing dredging cycles during the first set of high tides in December, weather permitting.

Doonhamer’s trial is scheduled for January 2023 (subject to weather and third-party contracts). This has unfortunately been delayed as we are not able to successfully carry out the trial before the marina gate is fully operational again. We are as keen as you are to complete the trial with this powerful vessel. In the meantime, Doonhamer is completing her work in Watchet.

Bathometric surveys will be carried out before and after Doonhamer’s trial to show the changes that have occurred. This will inform the timing and dredging strategy going forward.

Commercial Pontoon Update

We are delighted that we will have taken delivery of our new commercial pontoons by spring 2023.


RNLI Building Refurbishment Update

Due to the previous contractor ceasing to operate, we are now re-letting the contract for the remaining work on the RNLI building refurbishment. We are planning for this work to be finished during 2023.