We have a number of exciting updates regarding the rehabilitation of Burry Port Marina.


Dredging Update

Following a number of issues out of our control, such as bad weather, CMS Seaka and her crew are back dredging at Burry Port Marina during the dredge-able, high spring tides.

She is currently refreshing the areas already dredged which will be quick to clear as the sand and silt is not compacted, before continuing to work across the marina.

If you want to know more about water injection dredging and our fleet of dredgers, click HERE.


Sluicing Update

‘Sluicing’ is a key part of our dredging campaign at Burry Port. It helps transport the sediment dislodged by the dredger out of the marina.

We sluice at low tide during weekdays by opening the marina gate. The siren will go off beforehand so you will know when it is about to happen. Once we have sluiced, you will see a lot more sand in the marina than usual as we have effectively ‘let the plug out’.


Hydrographic Survey Results

Meet Rob Humphris. Rob recently joined our team as Contracts Manager for our Harbour Management Division and he brings with him a wealth of knowledge. Rob will be carrying out regular hydrographic surveys at Burry Port which we will be able to share with you to show where our dredging campaign has been working, what material has been moved and what the next stage of the campaign looks like.

These surveys are also used on our dredgers to help the dredging skippers know exactly where to work.

To learn more about hydrographic surveys, click HERE.


Harbour Gate Upgrades

The team have carried out significant improvements to the gate over the winter ready for the season ahead.

After years of service, the gate was in need of significant maintenance in several areas which has now been carried out.


New Commercial Pontoons

A new pontoon system is being installed for the town’s commercial fishermen. 

Kevin Denman, the commercial fisherman representative for the area, tells us his thoughts on the new pontoon installation; 

The installation of the new pontoon system next to the commercial fishing storage area and crane lifting facility will greatly improve the safety of users. The current vertical ladder access system comes with inherent dangers of operating in wet conditions and restricts capacity with what could be taken to the vessel by this means.  

Extending the pontoon system will greatly increase capacity for more vessels to use this facility simultaneously and the ramped access makes the operation significantly safer and allows greater flexibility for loading equipment and off-loading catches. Coupled with the new lighting, fuelling and electric power point access, the commercial fishing facilities at Burry Port harbour are taking a great step forward working in partnership with The Marine Group and The Welsh assembly. 

The recognition of the importance of the commercial fishing sector by The Marine Group in Burry Port harbour is demonstrated by the above and the fishermen of Burry Port will be one if not the first port/harbour to benefit from this current Pan Wales grant scheme.” 


New Lighting Columns on Commercial Fishing Quay

New Electric Hookup Point for Commercial Fishing Quay



New Emergency SOS Station



New Fuel Facility

There have been no marine fuelling facilities at Burry Port, so we have invested in a new fuelling system which has arrived and will be installed in the coming weeks.

This is a huge step for Burry Port as it makes permanent berthing more feasible for both commercial and leisure craft.


Marina Facilities and Office Building

Following some supply issues, work on the refurbishment of the old RNLI building into the marina facilities and office building will ramp up again during April.

This is another exciting development for Burry Port Marina.


The Burry Port Team is Growing

As we commit more resource to the rehabilitation of Burry Port Marina, so have we continued to invest in the team. Recent new additions to the team are Gianfranco, new Assistant Marina Manager, and Lucifer, our new Marina Operative. Creating work in the local community is one of our key goals and we have only just begun.

Gianfranco Marino ~ Assistant Marina Manager


Lucifer Knight ~ Marina Operative


We will be issuing regular updates on Burry Port Marina’s rehabilitation progress.