Hydrographic Survey Results

As announced earlier this year, we are now carrying out regular hydrographic surveys of the marina. This allows us to measure the amount of material leaving the area and map the sediment movement over time. The first 3 month’s surveys show that sediment volumes within the area are dropping.

The surveys are also helping to inform our strategy going forward and assist us in making informed decisions to help accelerate the rate we are able to clear the marina.

You can see the results of the first 3 month’s surveys at various cross sections of the marina below. The lines on the cross sections depict the depth at each month’s survey date where the black line is on the map next to each graph..

Red – March 2022

Blue – April 2022

Green – May 2022

As the survey results below show, we are deepening the channels at various points within the marina. Concentrating on these channel areas before moving onto the berthing areas is the most effective strategy to allow the dredged material to flow out of the marina. Other areas, such as the Eastern channel, are also deepening with our regular sluicing regime.

We will be continuing to carry out regular surveys to help inform our strategy going forward and help inform how we accelerate the work we are doing.









Doonhamer Test Dredging

We will be carrying out a short period of test dredges with our newest vessel, ‘Doonhamer’, with surveys being carried out before and after to ascertain if use of this dredger in the future could help to accelerate the dredging process. We will announce dates for the test dredges when other works have been scheduled.


Sluicing Update

Sluicing the marina at low tide remains a key part of our dredging campaign as it helps to transport the sediment dislodged by the dredger out of the marina.

As we enter the busier summer period, our team are limited in the times they can sluice due to the increase in the use of the beach by dogwalkers and holiday makers. We will continue to sluice wherever possible without impacting those enjoying the beach during the holiday season.

Slipway Clearance

The slipway has been cleared of sand ready for the season ahead. This has resulted in more sediment in the harbour, but this is gradually being flushed out with our sluicing regime.


New Pontoons

We are delighted to tell you that the new commercial pontoons are currently being manufactured so we will have an installation date soon.


Marina Facilities and Office Building

Following a series of challenges with the refurbishment of the old RNLI building, we have decided to put back the completion of the building works to the end of this year. This will minimise disruption for holiday makers in the area during the summer months.