Burry Port Dredging Programme – 2023


The below dredging plan will be followed in order to progress the rehabilitation of Burry Port Marina.


Month Activity
February into March ·       Obtaining permissions for a mechanical dredge as well as an option to employ a cutter-sucker dredger

·       Commence fire pump water jetting of sediments beneath pontoon infrastructure

·       Plan for removal of unused pontoons for refurbishment from the harbour

·       Approve the “measured volume” dredge plan. Note that the purpose of this phase is to determine the speed of sediment movement

·       Conduct daily sluices

March ·       Continue fire pump water jetting

·       Conduct pre-measured works bathymetric survey

·       Removal of unused pontoons from the main harbour

·       Conduct daily sluices during weekdays

April ·       Commence programme per measured works plan

·       Note that Burry Port is being prioritised implemented as if it were a third-party contract with site manager and scheduling fixed subject only to weather and usual contract variables

May ·       Conclude measured works programme per trial plan

·       Conduct post trial bathymetric survey (surveys to be conducted quarterly thereafter)

·       Publish measured programme results including volume changes

·       Develop capital dredge completion strategy and publish and consult

·       Determine optimal deployment of capital (One off excavation dredge Vs purchase of capital equipment)

·       Conclude build contract for RNLI building conversion

June ·       Publish determined date for the harbour to be fully watered at low tide impound level

·       Publish determined date for the target depths to be attained at low tide impound level

·       Publish works schedule and vessel times for the balance of 2023 (noting Seaka’s default location is Burry Port)

Ongoing commitment (quarterly programmes) ·       CMS Seaka to remain in Burry Port and to dredge minimum one tide per day (except neap tides)

·       Conduct quarterly bathymetric surveys

·       CMS Doonhamer to return at intervals to aid the evacuation of material from sluice channels.

·       Quarterly progress reports to be published demonstrating volume progress and any revised milestone completion dates