First phase of opening of marina – Staying Local – during Covid-19

We are pleased to now be able to start welcoming local boat owners back to Burry Port Marina. Please be patient with staff and other berth-holders as we all adapt to this new situation.

Following guidance from the Welsh Government and Carmarthenshire County Council you are now able to get back on the water and enjoy your boats locally. Please ensure you keep up to date with the latest Welsh Government regulations and those of Carmarthenshire County Council before visiting your boat.

However, in order to facilitate this, while continuing to follow the latest government regulations we do need to introduce a new set of guidelines to ensure the safety of both our berth-holders and staff.

Please read the guidelines below and contact the marina office on 01554 835 691 if you have any questions or concerns.

Info_graphic for email_Family onlyYOUR CREW

  • If you or a member of your family has COVID-19 symptoms, do not come to our marina sites and follow the self-isolation regulations.
  • To ensure social distancing is maintained, please only access your boat with members of your immediate household or where the vessel is of a sufficient size and design to maintain social distancing, with persons from a different household subject to the current regulations.
  • Ensure you are well prepared with access to hand sanitiser, disinfectant and where necessary disposable gloves.
  • To minimise the chance of requiring any of the emergency services, ensure you have competent crew aboard and only take your boat out if the weather conditions and tides are favourable.

Info_graphic for email_ChecklistYOUR VESSEL

  • Before setting off, even for the shortest of trips, ensure your vessel has enough fuel, is running well and is seaworthy.
  • If you have any concerns as to the safe working condition of your vessel, do not go out. Please contact your marina office to arrange for a member of our boatyard team to visit your vessel to assess the issue. To ensure social distancing, please be sure to leave us a set of keys so we can access it without you present.

info_graphic 2mYOUR MARINA

  • Please keep 2 metres apart from all other berth-holders and staff at all times
  • Please keep moving along the pontoons and step aside or wait for others to clear the pontoon so you can safely move past other berth-holders at a 2m distance when walking to and from your boat.
  • At obvious pinch points, such as the main access bridges, please wait for others to vacate the area before proceeding.

Info_graphic for email_No overnight

  • In line with government guidance to stay at your primary residence, no overnight stays are currently permitted at our marinas. Washroom facilities will be locked outside of office hours to help enforce this. All journeys must start and finish at Burry Port Marina. The visiting of other harbours/marinas/ports is currently prohibited.


Please be mindful when moving around the harbour that the dredger is currently operating 2 tides per day (except for neap tides). Please ensure you take extra care to avoid the dredger when it is in operation and keep a safe distance from it at all times.

info_graphic queueOUR FACILITIES

  • Only visit the marina office if your enquiry is urgent and cannot be dealt with via phone or email. If you do need to go to the office only 1 person may enter at a time and you must keep 2 metres back from staff.
  • If using the washrooms, please do so quickly and respectfully, leaving them in a clean condition and ensure you maintain social distancing.
  • Please wash your hands before and after using a trolley and please wipe the handles after use.
  • In line with recent regulation changes, we are removing all hose pipes, so please bring your own if you need to wash down your boat or fill up water tanks.
  • To ensure the safety of our staff, our workshop spaces will remain closed to the public.

Info_graphic for email_hand washingYOUR ENJOYMENT

  • Please be safe on the water and courteous to those around you.
  • Our staff are on hand to help with any concerns, but please ensure social distancing is maintained and keep a 2m distance from them at all times.
  • Please continue to regularly wash your hands while down on your boat and particularly before and after touching common surfaces.