As a marina operator we have first hand experience in carrying out maintenance dredging at our marinas. We understand the importance of cost effective maintenance dredging services to ensure channels are kept accessible. We provide a professional water injection dredging service with our vessel CMS Innovation.

below are some highlights of Our recent portfolio of dredging work

Burry Port Marina

During the autumn of 2017, Carmarthenshire County Council instructed Cardiff Marine Services to undertake a 20 day water injection dredging trial at Burry Port Marina, working 1 tide a day to establish if this method would improve the access around the marina. The area was dredged with an average of 1m depth of silt cleared, approximately 9000 cubic metres of silt was successfully removed by the water injection dredger.  Following the initial trial, we were employed to dredge for a further 50 tides and successfully reduced the silt level by 1m throughout the marina.

Porthcawl Marina

During January 2018, Cardiff Marine Services were contracted to carry out maintenance dredging at Porthcawl Marina over 21 tides.  Throughout the dredging works an average of 1.3  to 1.5m of silt was removed from the dredged area. The majority of the dredging exercise reduced the levels down to the original bed level.


River Stour

During March 2017 the Environment Agency asked Cardiff Marine Services to carry out a dredging campaign on the River Stour. On the first site, the river bed was very uneven with depths changing by 1m across the whole area. After dredging was carried out the overall depth gained was 1m, taking out all of the uneven banks. At the second site, the bottom of the river bed was again very uneven with banks up to 0.75m high. The area was dredged flat gaining 0.75m apart from 2 large obstructions. At the third site the bottom was dredged in the main channel. There were 0.5m high banks down the whole stretch. The area was dredged flat gaining 0.5m in depth. A further 3 sites along the river including culverts were also dredged to improve the river flow and reduce the size of the built up deposits.


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