No: 07 of 2018

Date: 22th May 2018


Volvo Ocean Race Cardiff – Volvo 65 On Water Activity

No 07 – Volvo Ocean Race Cardiff – Volvo 65 On Water Activity


Between 27th May and 10th June 2018, Cardiff will be hosting the UK stopover of the 17/18 Volvo Ocean Race.

The Volvo 65 fleet are expected to arrive in Cardiff between 27th and 29th May. Updates on their ETA can be found on www.volvooceanrace.com

The finish line will be between the South Cardiff Cardinal Mark and a laid mark off the Ranny Spit.

Mariners are advised that on the water activity will take place between 6th and 10th June in the Bristol Channel, with racing taking place during the following dates and times. Racing and practice will take place in an approximate 1 km circle centred on / near the North Cardiff Lateral Mark:

Wednesday 6th June      Practice            afternoon

Thursday7th June          Pro Am             afternoon

Friday 8th June              In Port Race      1400 – 1600 hrs

Sunday 10th June          Leg start           1600 – 1700 hrs

During the above dates and times, the race course will be controlled by Race Management vessels and in addition on 8th and 10th, by a dedicated fleet of Marshal Boats. Marshall vessels will be displaying a VOR yellow flag. Mariners are requested to keep well clear of the race course and to adhere to the instructions given by Marshall / Race Management boats.

During the In Port Race and Leg Start, a virtual AIS boundary will be activated and visible to craft with AIS receivers during these times. The boundary will display yellow special marks named ‘VOR SPECTATOR #1’.

Leg Start – Sunday 10th June:

Mariners are advised that the Volvo 65 fleet will complete an In Port circuit in the above defined area for approximately 45 minutes prior to heading down channel, en-route to Gothenburg. The VOR fleet will be escorted by Race Management and Cardiff Harbour Authority vessels and mariners are requested to keep well clear of the fleet.

Mariners are reminded that CCTV is in operation at the Barrage for operational and health and safety reasons. All CCTV images and VHF transmissions are recorded.