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Following a study by the Industry Specialist Consulting Group (ISCG), the “Industry Best Practice (IBP) Guidance Document For The Marine Industry On The Safe Operation Of Water Facilities In Marinas,  Boatyards, Sailing Centres, Canals And Other Inland Waterways” has been published. The recommendations from this IBP will be adopted by The Marine Group across all our marina and boatyard sites. As a result, all hose pipes will be removed from our pontoons and storage facilities over the coming days.

The IBP has been compiled for several reasons, including:

  • Increasing the safety of drinking water going onto boats (i.e. preventing stagnant hose pipe water going into water tanks)
  • Reducing the amount of water wasted by hose pipes that do not have shut off valves at the ends
  • Preventing marina/river water getting into hose pipes that have been left dangling off the edge of the pontoon

What does this mean for berth holders?

  • The existing taps (which are all drinking water at source) around the marinas will remain in situ
  • All hose pipes will be removed from the pontoons and storage sites over the coming days
  • Recommendations are for boat owners to have the following:
    • An expandable hose for washing down (the ‘crinkly’ looking hoses)
    • A flat hose for filling up water tanks (these allow water to run out after use ensuring no build-up of stagnant water or bacteria)
    • All hoses must have ‘trigger ends’ or shut off valves.  As all our marina taps are drinking water at source, the shut off valves prevent non-drinking water flowing back up the hose if it drops into the marina.
    • Before filling up water tanks, always run the water until its cold

How we are assisting berth holders with this change?

Our onsite chandlers in our marina offices in Cardiff, Burry Port, Aberystwyth and Port Dinorwic will be stocking appropriate hose pipe kits, including those with automatic shut off valves. These are also available from Force 4 Chandlery.

For the remainder of the year a ‘food grade’ hose will be available to borrow for a £20 deposit from our marina offices for those customers wishing to fill up their domestic tanks who do not yet have their own hose onboard.

We understand these changes may be an inconvenience for berth holders. However, we must adopt the best practice to ensure safe operation of water facilities within our marinas. If anyone has questions surrounding the changes, please contact your Marina Office directly.