With the hospitality industry hard hit during the last year, we are delighted to be able to welcome a prospering new tenant partner, Aberystwyth’s famous Medina restaurant, at Harbour House in Aberystwyth. ‘Medina at the Marina’ is set to open for the summer with a full refit for a permanent restaurant planned for the future.


Medina, the genius behind the self-named shop and restaurant, first took the plunge to entrepreneurship in 2015 when she signed the lease on a little shop on Cambrian Place in Aberystwyth. With her focus on good fresh food in a relaxed environment and her friend, Cheuk, at the helm of the kitchen, they soon outgrew their premises and took over the ground floor of the old Talbot Hotel on Market Street.

With further expansion of a shop and bakery selling a range of delicious delights as well as their own freshly baked bread, Medina’s team has grown to support 27 local employees. Medina is proud to have been able to continue to support her team during the Covid pandemic as the company produced ready meals and vegetable boxes during the lockdown periods.


With our continued development of Harbour House, including a fresh new exterior paint job scheduled over the next month, the addition of the Medina pop-up to the already thriving suite of businesses operating from this majestic building is really the icing on the cake.

Our director, Christopher Odling-Smee, says “Seeking out local, independent businesses to be part of our active harbours is extremely important to us. Medina and her team have made such a positive impact within Aberystwyth with their unique cuisine, passion and flair, we are delighted to welcome them to Harbour House for the summer months and beyond. We feel Medina’s offering is the perfect addition to our current tenant partners in Aberystwyth.”

Aberystwyth Marina Manager, Jon Booth, says “With the vibrancy and fun-loving nature of the Aberystwyth boating community and the marina busy with locals and visitors, Medina at the Marina is just what Harbour House needed. It will be a real asset to the waterfront this summer and beyond.”

Medina029  Medina041  Medina052

With an outside canopy up and temporary catering infrastructure going in over the coming weeks, the Medina at the Marina is set to opens its doors in late June, and we just can’t wait.