The Cardiff Harbour Festival will be playing host to the Extreme Sailing Series in Cardiff Bay from Tuesday 22nd to Monday 28th August. The global competition boasts world class sailors and breath-taking racing, as well as shore side entertainment for the whole family.

No 11 of 2017 – Extreme Sailing Series – Act 6

Act 6 of the Extreme Sailing Series takes place in Cardiff Bay between Tuesday 22nd and Monday 28th August 2017.

The race and training area exclusion zone (see  plan) will be marshalled by Cardiff Harbour Authority vessels during the following dates and times:

Tuesday 22nd August       1300-1430 hrs         GC32 Practice

Wednesday 23rd August   1030-1630 hrs        GC32 Practice

Thursday 24th August       1030-1630 hrs       Media / Press Day/ GC32 Racing

Friday 25th August           1000-1700 hrs        Corporate racing/ GC32 Racing

Saturday 26th August        1000-1800 hrs        Corporate racing/ GC32 Racing

Sunday 27th August          1000-1900 hrs         Corporate racing/ GC32 Racing

Monday 28th August         1000-1800 hrs         Corporate racing/ GC32 Racing

The GC32’s will remain afloat from Tuesday 22nd August to Tuesday 29th August. To accommodate the GC32’s, the main Pay and Display pontoons will be closed between 0900 hrs Tuesday 22nd August and 1700 hrs Tuesday 29th August.

Mariners are advised that there will be limited mooring in Graving Dock No 3. Mooring will be subject to the terms and conditions displayed and with permission from the on station Harbour Patrol Vessel. There will be NO access to or from the Inner Harbour (Graving Dock) during the exclusion zone times.

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