In an effort to ensure that only berth holders are parking in the onsite marina car park at Cardiff Marina, from 1st November this area will be patrolled by Link Parking who will be issuing parking charge notices to any vehicles that do not display a marina car parking permit.

To avoid any parking charge notices, berth holders must display their parking permit clearly in their vehicle at all times. If you require a new permit please collect one from the marina office before 1st November. If you have a moped/scooter please give the details of your vehicle to the marina office no later than 26th October. Please ensure that all visitors to your boat who do not have a permit use the overflow car park on the opposite side of Watkiss Way to avoid any penalty charges. Any appeals against parking notices must be made directly to Link Parking. We are trialling this system to maximise parking for berth holders and deter the general public from parking in this area. Signs and notices will be put up in the car park in the next couple of weeks explaining the terms of the parking management. For more information visit