Marine Group

  • Cardiff 02920 343459
  • Aberystwyth 01970 611422
  • Port Dinorwic 01248 671500/01248 670176
  • Burry Port 01554 835 691



20% off rope

Why not add the professional touch and get us to splice your ropes to a range of stainless steel hardware.

Offer valid until 31st August 2019

(Photo credit: Marlow Ropes)
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Summer scrub special offer


Get your boat ready for the summer!

  • Lift and hold boat
  • Power wash off the hull below the waterline
  • Clean the scum line
  • Foam and then wash off the hull from the waterline to the deck to hull joint
  • Visually inspect the anodes, prop and prop shaft
  • Relaunch boat

*Terms and conditions apply. If the hull has an excessive build up of growth (mussels and grass), then our usual hourly labour charge would apply to clean this build up. Offer is subject to availability and a stand alone offer, any other work that is required on the vessel will be charged at our normal rates. Offer valid until 31st August 2019 in Cardiff and Aberystwyth.
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